Bethel Writers and Media Contributors


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Julianne Kuykendall

  • Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 6 (Contributor)(Joshua and Adeline Kinsland House)
  • The Mountaineer (Special Correspondent)

Carroll Jones

  • August's Treasure (6)
  • Calvin Filmore Christopher, Bethel Inventor (Documentation Writer)
  • Captain Lenoir's Diary (3)
  • Master of East Fork (4)
  • The Mountaineer (Guest Columnist)
  • Rebel Rousers (5)
  • Rooted Deep in the Pigeon Valley: A Harvest of Western Carolina Memories (2)
  • Truss Bridge #79 nomination to the National Register of Historic Places (Submittal Writer)
  • The 25th North Carolina Troops in the Civil War: History and Roster of a Mountain-Bred Regiment (1)
  • North Carolina Society of Historians (Book Awards for August's Treasure, Captain Lenoir’s Diary, Master of the East Fork, Rooted Deep in the Pigeon Valley, The 25th North Carolina Troops in the Civil War )
  • North Carolina Society of Historians (President’s Award for Rebel Rousers)

Thomas Isaac Lenoir

  • Captain Thomas Isaac Lenoir Diary – Lenoir was elected captain of the Haywood Highlanders, a company that was formed at the beginning of the Civil War by mostly farmers from the Bethel area. This company soon became known as Company F and was attached to the Confederate Army’s 25th NC Infantry Troops for the entirety of the war. Lenoir’s diary, which he kept during the first year of the Civil War, is a valuable historical document. Author Carroll Jones transcribed and interpreted the diary in his book (See Carroll Jones).

Kin McNeil

  • Asheville Citizen Times (Bethel/Cruso News Correspondent)
  • Associated Press (Carolina Bureau – Day Rewrite Editor)
  • Brevard College (Public Relations Director)
  • Canton Enterprise (Newspaper Corporation Secretary)
  • The Charlotte Observer (Free-lance Photographer/Writer)
  • Coronet (Contributor)
  • Progressive Farmer (Contributor)
  • Reader’s Digest (Contributor)
  • Saturday Evening Post (Contributor)
  • Startling Detective (Contributor)
  • Southern News Feature Service (Contributor)
  • Southern School Service (Co-Founder)

  • Strange Stories of the Carolinas Described as “Tar Heel Mysteries, Odd and Weird Events Unfolded in the Strangest Stories Ever Told”
  • Tailwinds (Editor/Publisher)
  • Transylvania Times (Editor)
  • True Detective (Contributor)
  • Wilkes News (Editor)