Bethel Writers and Media Contributors

Doris Rollins Cannon

  • Cold Mountain Bomber Crash: the Enduring Legacy
  • Grabtown Girl (Ava Gardner Biography)
  • Johnston! (Musical Drama)
  • The Mountaineer (Contributor of several articles including a series about the history of Bethel basketball teams)
  • The Smithfield Herald (Staff Writer)
  • Voices of Bethel Cemetery Hill (Bethel Community Cemetery Memorial Day history of several Bethel Cemetery stories)
  • North Carolina Press Association (Received Sixteen Press Awards)
  • North Carolina Society of Historians (Awards for some of her books)

Eulalia McCracken Brown

  • Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 2 (Contributor) – Brown (1895-1973) composed a recollection of an 1840s Edmonston religious camp meeting that had previously been conveyed to her by an unnamed attendee of the event. Jimmie Ellen and Richard Henson own the valuable document that gives details of Bethel’s 19th century history.

Pat Carr

  • Land of Promise DVD - Speaker
  • Pigeon Valley (Table of Contents for the Historic Preservation Committee reprinting - Editing)

Ted Carr

  • Fertile Fields of Bethel DVD (Director) (3)
  • From New College to Springdale DVD (Director) (2)
  • Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain,Book 5 (Contributor) (Church Facility Will Serve the Community)
  • Walking in the Footsteps of Those Who Came Before UsDVD (Director) (1)
  • WNC Communities Award for BRCO (Nomination Writer)
  • North Carolina Society of Historians (Multi-Media Award for From New College to Springdale)

Aurelia Cathey

  • Legends, Tales and History of Cold Mountain, Book 2 (Contributor – Joseph Killian Cathey – Martha Augusta Ratcliff Cathey)

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Charles Cathey

  • BRCO’s narrator for the Cold Mountain Heritage Driving Tour CD
  • BRCO’s narrator for the Walking in the Footsteps of Those Who Came Before Us DVD
  • BRCO’s Pigeon Valley Award for Historic Preservation recipient – 2014
  • BRCO’s Bethel Middle School history program (Researcher/Presenter)
  • BRCO’s historical resource for hundreds of details concerning all aspects of Bethel history, including the history of Freemasonry, Lodge #259, and Sonoma Masonic Lodge #472. Cathey kept a compendium of Bethel historical/genealogical data on his computer and was a frequent reference resource for BRCO as well as for other writers concerned with Bethel history