Supporters - $1- $99

John & Susan Baxley

Haywood Gleaners

William & Patricia Holbrook

Helpers - $100-$249

Greg Artman

Nancy Bullock

Michael Clark

Richard & Evelyn Coltman

Mike & Catherine Hertel

John Highsmith, DDS

Rebecca Owen

John Terrell

Deborah Thomas

Boosters - $250-$499

Harold & Joan Stines

JGL Produce Corp.

Undewood, Dills & Associates PC

Bethel Rural Community Organization is grateful for the generosity of its donors and contributors.

     Donors:  Individuals or organizations that contribute funds.

     Contributors:  Individuals or organizations that give "in-kind" donations, the value of which can be monetarily          


BRCO Donors/Contributors 2020

Leaders - $500-$1,499

Encouraging Word Baptist Church

Haywood EMC

Haywood County Farm Bureau

Carol Litchfield

Manna Food Bank

Clark Wilson

Riverside Baptist Church

Champions - $1,500 +

Haywood County

Dogwood Health Trust Grant



Boosters - $250-$499

James and Linda Duncan


Leaders -$500-$1,499

Food Lion

Richard and Evelyn Coltman

Champions -$1500+

Richard and Carol Ploch

Press Sponsors