The Education Committee's primary focus is to provide a scholarship to a Pisgah High School graduating senior. In 2019, the scholarship amount increased to $1000.   The scholarship is based on accomplishment and need.  BRCO has granted scholarships to the following individuals:

2021 -  Sarah Mease

2020 - Lilly Ensley

2019 - Gracie Yeargin

2018 -  Syndey Smith

2017 -  Rhiannon Goodwin

2016 – Cassie Parris

2015 – Kaitlin Frazier

2014 – Olivia Burnette

2013 – Daniel Marsh

2012 -  Noah Henson


BRCO/Dave Curphey STEM Award

$50 each presented to the 5th grade students at Bethel Elementary School who achieved the highest scores on the end-of-year testing.

2021 Award Winners:

Kampbell Kruk, Jackson Rathbone, and Raven Williams for Highest Score in Science

Kampbell Kruk, Layla Melton for Highest Score in Math

Aidon Norton for Most Growth in Science

Khloe Norton for Most Growth in Math

2019 Award Winners:

Nina Bright

Cooper Kruk

Matthew Mehaffey

2018 Award Winners:

Mayumi Caminiti - Mrs. Schreiber's class - scored 99 percentile

Hampton Shipman - Mrs. Myers's class

Devin Valezquez - Mrs. Marshall's class

            Both with 99 percentile


Citizenship Award

Granted annually to a Bethel Middle School graduating 8th grader selected by the faculty.

2021 Award Winner:  Alexis Messer

2019 Award Winner:  Michelle Arrington

2018 Award Winner:  Diana Pinta

2017 Award Winner:  Abigail Wood


Program Speakers

BRCO hosts speakers at six meetings a year in order to educate members and visitors about a variety of topics of interest to members.  Programs begin at 7 p.m. on meeting night at the community center.



BRCO participants attend workshops throughout the year that educate members about topics that are relevant to the organization's mission.  


Sponsor Programs

Committees and leaders in the organization have represented BRCO as speakers and mentors to schools, non-profits, and other organizations.


Educational Products

The Historic Preservation Committee and the Rural Preservation Committee have produced a total of four DVDs, two CD's, eighteen art prints, a flood mitigation plan, power point presentations, six books, and various brochures to educate about local history and the conservation of the rural landscape.  To learn about BRCO's educational products, please view the Historic Preservation and Land Preservation headings.  


Journey Scholarship

The Journey Scholarship recipients are awarded by WNC Communities.  2018 was the first year that students advocated by BRCO have received the Journey Scholarship

2020- Lilly Ensley

           Brooks Valentine

2019 - Emma Sorrells ($1,500)

2018 - Bella Sorrells ($1,000)

2018 - Joseph Putnam ($500)

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Emma Sorrells, 2019 Journey Scholarship recipient, is pictured in the center.  (Photo courtesy of WNC Communities)