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Dr. William Kinneth McNeil-Recordings Collections

  • The Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers
  • How Firm a Foundation: Favorite Religious Songs of Almeda Riddle
  • Not Far From Here: Traditional Narratives and Songs Collected in the Arkansas Ozarks
  • Somewhere in Arkansas: Early Country Music: Recordings from Arkansas, 1928-1932, for the Center for Arkansas and Regional Studies at the University of Arkansas
  • Everett Edward Cassette Series on American Folklore (Contributor)

Dr. William Kinneth McNeil-Publications (continued)

  • The Life and Adventures of an Arkansas Doctor (Introduction and Editor)
  • Mexican-American Folklore
  • Mid-American Folklore (Contributor)
  • Mid-South Folklore (Contributor)
  • Missouri Folklore Society Journal (Contributor)
  • Native American Legends: Southeastern Legends – Tales from the Natchez, Caddo, Biloxi, Chickasaw, and Other Nations (American Folklore series)
  • New York Folklore Quarterly (Contributor)
  • Old Time Country (Editor)
  • Old Time Music (Contributor)
  • On a Slow Train Through Arkansas (Introduction and Editor)
  • The Oral Traditions of the American West: Adventure, Courtship, Family, and Places in Traditional Recitation (American Folklore series)
  • Ozark Country (Folklife in the South series)
  • Ozark Folksongs (Introduction)
  • Ozark Mountain Humor (Contributor)
  • An Ozarks State Discography
  • Ozarks Mountaineer (Columnist)
  • Preliminary Biography of Middle Eastern Folklore (Introduction)
  • Rejoice: The Gospel Music Magazine (Editor)
  • Southern Exposure (Contributor))
  • Southern Folk Ballads, Volume 1 (American Folklore series)
  • Southern Folk Ballads, Volume 2 (American Folklore series)
  • Southern Folklore Studies (Contributor)
  • Southern Mountain Folksongs: Traditional Songs from the Appalachians and the Ozarks (American Folklore Series)
  • Survey of Arkansas Folk Singers and Storytellers (Documentation)
  • Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin (Contributor)
  • Western Folklore (Contributor)